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Quality and Safety Management Policy

On November 26, 2009, Marine Works Japan Ltd., got approval certificate of ISO9001:2008 (JIS Q 9001:2008).
Scope of Registration held: Marine Science Services in the Oceanographic Observation and Research, and Related Services. Department of Technical Services and Department of Travel Services are out of the scope.
We provide best services of in situ observation and high quality data through maintenance of equipment, their calibrations, and data/sample analysis.

Business Policy
  1. We aim to contribute to understanding the Sea and the Earth by means of our well-experienced technical skills/technologies.
  2. We efficiently provide high-quality services in various fields of marine and earth sciences, to satisfy our customers' needs.
  3. We always value "spirit of challenge" to meet the various and changing needs.
  4. We respect the social responsibilities and do our jobs with "sincerity."
Quality Management Policy
  1. We proactively find needs from customers' viewpoints.
  2. We propose/provide best services to satisfy our customers.
  3. We ensure sharing and transferring our technical know-how among staff.
  4. We develop/improve our skills/technologies at all times.
  5. We maintain/improve an adequate Quality Management System and its effectiveness continuously.
HSE Management Policy
  1. We secure the safety in all matters.
  2. We implement necessary measures to retain mental and physical health of our staff.
  3. We make efforts to reduce stress to the environment.
  4. We maintain and improve an adequate HSE Management System and effectiveness continuously.