MWJ technicians' activities are focused on JAMSTEC's web site, "CHIKYU HAKKEN". (June 22, 2010)
In May, 2010, the latest issue of CHIKYU HAKKEN Vol.9 (Japanese and English ver.), which was published by IODP Japanese Implementing Organization CDEX (JAMSTEC), picked up MWJ laboratory technicians' activities.
It was introduced in the article called "The faces of the Chikyu supportstaff, LaboratoryTechnicians: All for High-quality Samples and Data".
Our biggest mission as onboard experts in the Chikyu laboratory is to support scientists in obtaining high-quality samples and data that lead to excellent researches.
For more detail, please check out CHIKYU Information Portal, CHIKYU HAKKEN,

Update of Our Quality Management Policy (Apr.15.2008)
We updated our quality management policy for FY2008, which includes the following item ; "We always challenge with new ideas, improving our skills, to make best proposal for customers."

The Deep-sea Drilling Vessel, Chikyu, Nankai Trough drilling. (Dec.20.2007)
During IODP Expedition 316 (Dec.20,2007 - Feb.5, 2008), a large number of core
samples are retrieved at approximately 1,000 meter deep hole. In order to
provide high quality data, our onboard staff (laboratory technicians) dedicated themselves to doing various scientific measurements as well as sample and data managements; physical property, paleomagnetics, chemical composition, and data uploading to science database system (J-CORES).

MWJ technicians participated RMOS and BERM. (Nov.21.2007)
"2007 Workshop On Chemical Reference Materials In Ocean Science (RMOS)" was held in Tsukuba, Japan during 4 days from October 29 to November 1, with the "11th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM11)". 4 technicians of MWJ participated these workshop and symposium, and our analysis technique was highly evaluated.

Renewal of ISO 9001:2000 (JIS Q 9001:2000) Certificate. (Nov.20.2007)
On November 19, 2007, Marine Works Japan Ltd., received Notice of Approval to renew certificate of ISO9001: 2000 (JIS Q 9001:2000).

Argo reaches its goal of 3000 active floats. (Nov.1.2007)
Argo floats, which measure the sea data in the vertical direction, deployed in global Oceans, attained 3006 in November 1, 2007. MWJ is also contributing in its preparation, deployment and data management.

Safety Promotion Committee (Oct.10.2007)
Aiming to find effective measures to secure the Safety and Health of our staff, this year we have established the Safety Promotion Committee. And we have decided to promote more than 50 action plans, in the field of Crises Management Planning to minimize damage from natural disasters and accidents, educations and seminars, and creation of infrastructure to share information.