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Development of the Marine Science

Our "Service Line Up" covers from sample and data acquisition up to data management. To obtain the high quality data, MWJs marine technicians also maintain and calibrate the monitoring equipment and analyzing systems. High accuracy and quality in data we provide, come from the total job flow; sample and data acquisition, sample analysis, maintenance and calibration of monitoring equipments, and up to data quality control. MWJ have solved many technical problems of marine research apparatus, such as mechanical, electrical and information technologies.

MWJ's "Service Line Up" in marine science is as follows :

In situ observation at the sea

  • Deployment and recovery of the observation buoys
  • CTD operation, data acquisition, and data quality management with high accuracy
  • Operation of many kinds of oceanographic instruments

Sample and data analysis at the sea / in the lab

  • Salinity measurement with high accuracy
  • Chemical analysis of the air sample, sea water, and sediment / rock samples, using Gas chromatograph, TRAACS, XRF, XRD, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, CT scanner, HPLC and so on.

Data management

  • Data quality control
  • Construct database system and maintain the system for disseminate the observed data


  • Maintenance of observation buoy system
  • Development of equipment, devices, and/or software using mechanical, electrical and information technologies