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Privacy Policy & Site Policy
Privacy Policy

Marine Works Japan Ltd. (hereafter referred to as MWJ) has established the following °»Privacy Policy°… to properly handle personal information, in compliance with laws concerning personal information protection and related ordinances. MWJ will strive to protect personal information through adherence to this °»Privacy Policy°… by its corporate officers and employees.

  • Compliance Program
    MWJ recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information, and establishes and maintains the compliance program for its protection.
  • Collection and Utilization
    MWJ will acquire personal information directly from customers, to accomplish the job required by the customers. And MWJ does not use personal information other than original purpose.
  • Security
    To protect the personal information from loss, leakage, falsification, MWJ nominates the persons in charge and decides job procedure, and MWJ also gives them necessary education periodically.
  • Improvement
    MWJ reviews actual application of the °»Compliance Program°… every year, MWJ will continuously improve the program including rules, job procedure, and staff education.
  • Contact
    For the inquiries about personal information, please contact general affairs section, administration department.

June 20,2012

Marine Works Japan Ltd.
Kazuhiko Sono, President

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