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About Marine Works Japan

Marine Works Japan Ltd.
Kazuhiko Sono, President

The Marine Works Japan Ltd., MWJ, is a leading company to provide all sorts of technical services related to the marine sciences, from data acquisition at sea to data management services. This is based on MWJ's motto, KNOW THE SEA, KNOW THE EARTH.

Forecasting global warming and tectonic dynamics which might induce severe disasters, is the most important and urgent to solve issue of today from the security and safety points of view. Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), to whom we are mainly providing services, involves to reveal the mechanism of those changes, collaboratively with universities and research institutes all over the world. MWJ has mainly assisted JAMSTEC's research activities since it's foundation in 1979, and presently employs about 180 marine technicians, in the fields of geo-science, and informatics.

MWJ's main line of business is as follows :

Data Acquisition
MWJ supports scientists on research vessels to obtain qualified ocean data through operating various instruments, and at the same time maintains regularly those instruments.
Data Management
In order to provide reliable data for scientists, MWJ carries out the quality control checking on the observed data including meta data. Both numerical data and deep sea images, are served for dissemination and archive.
Core Management relating to IODP
MWJ processes the sediment and crust cores obtained by the drilling vessel CHIKYU and prepares samples for laboratory uses, and implements their routine analysis, on board of "CHIKYU" for IODP scientists and for the curator, at the Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research of JAMSTEC.

MWJ believes the importance of "To secure the safety", "To improve our technology" and "To respect good manners".
MWJ wishes to contribute continuously to the global development in marine-earth sciences in general, through our provision of "High Quality Marine Technical Services" and "Data Management Capabilities".